Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I just returned from a week long trip to Big Bend National Park, where I painted with some of the other members of the Outdoor Painters Society. 28 of us converged on the park. It was a lot of fun reconnecting with friends, and making new ones. I took upwards of 1300 photographs.

One thing I learned on the drive home was that my 20 year old, 4 cylinder Toyota pickup can do 97 mph without complaining.

These are a few of the studies I did at the park.

Santa Elena Canyon, morning 9x12"

Near Boquillas Canyon 9x12"
We were serenaded by "Victor, The Singing Mexican" the entire time. He sits on a cliff on the Mexican side, and sings for money. I must have heard La Cucaracha 15 times while I painted this.

The Road to Chisos Basin, 12x9"
We drove all the way up into the basin, but weren't inspired to paint anything until we started back down the mountain.

Santa Elena Canyon, afternoon 10x8"

Contrabando Movie Set, 12x9"
A wonderful place to paint, this movie set was used in a bunch of westerns. Because it's a movie set, the buildings are all angled to catch the best light.

Rock Cliff Near Big Bend, 6x8"
My new painting buddy, Jimmy Longacre, helped me bring this one back from the brink of disaster with some well-placed warms. Thanks, Jimmy!