Friday, May 10, 2013


Last week, I attended a four day painting workshop in Austin with Australian artist Colley Whisson. Each day, Colley did a demo in the studio, taking a painting along in stages, which we then repeated so that we could learn his methods. Colley uses a lot of medium when he paints, making his his paint layer quite thin. The smoothness of the finished work reminds me of gouache. On the final day, we went outside to paint on the grounds of The Oasis, a pretty famous restaurant in the area. Again, Colley did a demo, and then we went off to find our own subjects to paint. These are the paintings I did on the final day, and are not based on Colley's work.

Archway at the Oasis 8x10"

Stairway at the Oasis 8x10"

Prior to the workshop, I gave Colley a tour of Powerhouse Animation, and introduced him to Threadgill's for lunch with a couple of the guys.

Ronnie Williford, Bruce Tinnin, Colley Whisson, Frank Gabriel

I bought this little painting of Goulburn River in Victoria Australia from him for my collection.
It's about 5 3/4" x 10"

Goulburn River, Victoria by Colley Whisson