Sunday, December 9, 2012


One of my favorite places to paint in Austin is along Bull Creek, especially when the leaves are changing color. I went back a few times in November, because the fall color doesn't last any longer in Texas than it does where I grew up in Ohio; it just gets started a bit later. 

2012-11-17 Bull Creek

While I was painting this 9x12" on November 18, a woman offered to buy it because I was painting it in a park where she used to bring her dog to play, and she had just come from having it put down. I put it in a frame for her, and she told me that she had it hanging up and loved it.

2012-11-18 Bull Creek 9x12"
Instead of fighting the crowds at a mall on Black Friday, I went back out to the creek and painted this stand of Sycamore trees at the edge of the waterfall.
2012-11-23 Bull Creek 9x12"
 When I finished this one, I could easily have turned around and painted the opposite view, because by then  the clouds cleared, the sky turned a gorgeous blue, the sun shifted, and lit the other side. Unfortunately, it was time to head for home. Phooey.
2012-11-27 Bull Creek 12x9"