Thursday, August 15, 2013


For the past several weeks, I've been using my lunch hour to paint small still life setups in my office at work. I clipped a lamp onto a cardboard box, and placed my objects onto a piece of fabric. I used a converted cigar box as my easel. It is small enough so that a piece of cling film covers the paint and keeps it from skinning over between painting sessions. I put a few small bottle caps of clove oil in with the paint. This also keeps the paint soft (and smells nice too).

simple still life stage
Peaches and cherries have been in season, so they have been my main subject. I paint them, then eat them. These paintings were all done in about an hour.

9 July 2013 Texas Peaches 8x10" SOLD

10 July 2013 Rainier Cherries 6x8"

11 July 2013 Rainier Cherries 6x8"

12 July 2013 Rainier Cherries 6x8"

17 July 2013 Texas Peaches 6x8"

29 July 2013 Figs 6x8"

30 July 2013 Figs 6x8"
5 August 2013 Apple and Cherries 6x8"

6 August 2013 Fruit 8x10"

8 August 2013 Cherries 6x8"

13 August 2013 Bottle and Grapes 10x8"
I've owned this pewter goblet for years, but this is the first time I've ever painted it. The perspective got a little wonky, making it lean slightly. I'll have to try again.
14 August 2013 Goblet and Grapes 10x8"