Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Here are some of the most recent paintings I've done out in the field. The first is in the woods behind my house. I came across this spot one morning while I was out for a walk, and made a point of coming back on Labor Day, September 3, to paint it. It was nice to just walk for 5 minutes instead of my usual "drive around for an hour until I see something I like, and can paint from the side of the road" routine.

Oak Hill 10x8"Oil
On Saturday, September 8, I filled my tank, reset my odometer, and drove around for an hour until I saw something I liked, and could paint from the side of the road... This was in Walburg, Texas.When I got home, I saw that all my meandering had put over 200 miles on my truck.

Walburg, TX 8x10" Oil
 It was such a beautiful weekend that I went out again on Sunday. This time, I stayed in my neighborhood, and painted another in field near my house. You know you live in Texas when 90° feels cool.

Legend Oaks 8x10" Oil