Monday, February 16, 2015


In October, I took a painting trip to Estes Park, Colorado and the Rocky Mountain National Forest, joining about 30 people from the Outdoor Painters Society. I had never been to Colorado before, and had a great time. My friends Mike and Karol Kay Harris offered to put me up (put up with me?) in their condo while I was in town. KK wisely vacated, and Mike and I were bachelors for the week.

Here are a few of the paintings I did that week. They were painted on oil primed linen canvas taped to hardboard. It saves time; if I'm happy with the painting, I can glue it to a panel once it's dry. If I'm unhappy with it, I didn't waste a lot of time preparing a panel. Another benefit is that these sketches take up a lot less room to store than a bunch or 1/8" thick panels do. Even though I waited a few weeks before I put them away, I usually put a piece of waxed paper between the sketches so they don't accidentally stick to each other.

Falls in the Rocky Mountain National Forest, 9x12"
Timber Lake Aspens, 9x12"
Big Thompson River, 9x12"
Moraine Park, 8x10"

In addition to the oil sketches, I had my sketchbook and some ink and casein paint for some quick drawings.

 8x5" Watercolor Sketchbook pages