Sunday, December 9, 2012


One of my favorite places to paint in Austin is along Bull Creek, especially when the leaves are changing color. I went back a few times in November, because the fall color doesn't last any longer in Texas than it does where I grew up in Ohio; it just gets started a bit later. 

2012-11-17 Bull Creek

While I was painting this 9x12" on November 18, a woman offered to buy it because I was painting it in a park where she used to bring her dog to play, and she had just come from having it put down. I put it in a frame for her, and she told me that she had it hanging up and loved it.

2012-11-18 Bull Creek 9x12"
Instead of fighting the crowds at a mall on Black Friday, I went back out to the creek and painted this stand of Sycamore trees at the edge of the waterfall.
2012-11-23 Bull Creek 9x12"
 When I finished this one, I could easily have turned around and painted the opposite view, because by then  the clouds cleared, the sky turned a gorgeous blue, the sun shifted, and lit the other side. Unfortunately, it was time to head for home. Phooey.
2012-11-27 Bull Creek 12x9"


  1. Hey Frank, How often do you paint outside in a month? Just wondering. Do you paint many studio paintings?

    1. Depending on how nice the weather is, I will get out for a while on Saturday and Sunday... So, potentially 8 times a month.

      I haven't been painting in the studio too much, except to do some small studies. Lately I've started back to work on an animated cartoon serial, hoping to finish the 1st chapter. I'm getting close.