Monday, January 9, 2017


I picked up some colorful and interesting leaves during my morning walk, so that I'd have something to paint in my sketchbook during my lunch hour. I've probably painted everything in my office by now. Sumac, Bradford pear and the different varieties of oak trees are the most colorful in this part of Texas during the fall. This one is about 8 x 10" and painted on some stretched hot press watercolor paper.
Sumac Leaves
These Bradford Pear leaves were painted in a 3.5 x 5.5" Pentalic Watercolor Sketchbook.

This image of a red oak leaf includes the actual leaf I painted. I thought it was interesting to mount it to the watercolor paper. Too bad the color won't stay as vibrant; it's already gotten a lot duller in the short time since it was painted. It might be interesting to watch it change color over time compared to the painted version. It's about 9 x 12."
Red Oak

This was painted life size. I'm not sure what 
variety of oak this is but it has ENORMOUS acorns.
Insert your own joke here. 
Oak and Acorn

More oak leaves in various states of decay. The ones that are more damaged are always more interesting to paint.

Finally, the first new paintings of 2017. I stumbled upon this abandoned house about 30 minutes from my home, and spent about 2 hours painting it in oil. I'm about 70% happy with it. I'm bothered by the issues with perspective in the front gable, as well as the way the shadow underneath makes it look like it's floating there (it needs some grass to break up that edge. Both things are easily fixed, if I want to adjust them in the studio. I'm sure I won't get to it, but you never know.

Painting an abandoned home in Webberville, TX

Abandoned house, Webberville, TX, Afternoon 9 x 12"
My first studio painting of 2017. I found the bird (which I call The Maltese Sparrow) at a junk
store. The books are "The World of Li'l Abner" from 1953, "The Sad Sack" from 1944, and an English Phrasebook for Italians from 1907.

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Still Life with Red Books 11 x 14" oil


  1. This is a very beautiful painting!
    Love your composition and the constrast of the dark background against the foreground.
    The Red books really stand out...
    Very nice.