Monday, March 26, 2012


On Saturday, I drove up to Bertram, TX to paint with Ronnie Williford. We each got two studies done. Setting up for my first painting of a barn was interrupted by a curious pair of cows, who stood right in front of the barn I wanted to paint. After they left I was able to get to work.

"I'm ready for my Closeup, Mr. DeMille."

Bertram Barn, 11x14"

Next, we set up to paint the a cactus and wildflowers right next to some railroad tracks. By that time we had midday sun and the light was horrible, but we decided to go for it. When the gravel train went past, my easel fell over and the glass palette shattered. It was time to abandon work on it anyway.

Cactus and Wildflowers, 11x14"

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