Monday, March 19, 2012


On Saturday, I went out with members of Plein Air Austin to the Bridges family ranch in Driftwood, TX. They have a ton of things to paint, including longhorns and curious horses. This was my first time painting with the group, which I joined at the beginning of the year. I stood up on a hill, next to their driveway, which gave me a commanding view of when Laurel Daniel's easel did a header as a gust of wind took it. The fields were pretty green, but it threatened rain the entire time... very appropriate for Irish Day.

2012-03-17 Bridges Ranch 9x12

On Sunday, I drove back out to Driftwood, and set up on the side of the road to paint some trees and wildflowers. Again, the sky threatened rain the entire time, but I only felt a few drops.

2012-03-18 Driftwood, TX 9x12

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