Sunday, May 20, 2012


Usually, when I head out to paint, I pick a direction and aim my truck that way. On Saturday, I decided to go east on 6th Street, where it becomes a two way road, but then ended up headed north when nothing caught my eye.  I soon (well, maybe not soon) found myself north of Parmer Lane near Pflugerville, where I saw this barn and set up to paint on the side of the road. As I was finishing this 9x12, I was approached by the guy whose family used to own the property, and who now leases it. He couldn't remember what the current owner calls the place, but it used to be the Thurman Farm.

Thurman Farm 9x12"
Painting the Thurman Farm

On Sunday, I headed east again, and ended up in Manor (to those of you not from these parts, it's pronounced "May-ner" and not "manner"). I found this old building, which looks like it may have been a general store at one time.

2012-05-20 manor, tx

Painting a manor in Manor


  1. Love em, Frank. S'nice change from cartoons and old radio shows, huh?

  2. Thanks! Indeed it is.

    You moved back to Nevada?