Sunday, July 1, 2012


Last year, I attended a plein air workshop with Rusty Jones, and we painted a building that had been the Driftwood, TX post office for many years. It now has Texaco signs and antique gas pumps out front, and Rusty told us the trick would be to paint the enormous red star on the front of the building without making it the focus of the painting.

A few weeks ago, I painted another building with the same problem to solve. This one is on 290 West, between Austin and Dripping Springs. There are several terrific buildings to paint, including one that looks like an old train station, painted a golden yellow. The reason I chose to paint this one was that I found a tree to provide me with a bit of shade. I want to go back to paint the yellow building once it cools down around here, which will probably be October.

Texaco Star 9x12"

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