Sunday, January 8, 2012


On Saturday, I did this plein air sketch northeast of Austin. I was on FM 1660, between Hutto and Jonah, TX. There was an old weathered barn in front of a freshly plowed field, and a place to pull over and park. Since I figured out how to do a screen grab on my iphone, I occasionally grab the GPS coordinates and an image of the phone's map so I can remember where I did the painting, in case I want to go back. This one was 30°34'45"N, 97°32"48"W. I want to go back and paint this one early in the day, when it's not quite so backlit.

2012-01-07 From Hutto to Jonah 8x10"

I'll have to remember to come back here next fall when the trees still have leaves on them.

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