Friday, January 27, 2012


I only made it out to paint a couple of times at lunch this week. It poured down rain and hail one day, and Thursday was Australia Day, so a group of us went to Boomerang's here in Austin for some Aussie pies.

As usual, I try to get finished in 45 minutes so I can get back to the office. The first one was done the day after we got 3" of rain dumped on us overnight. It still threatened rain, but it was a good day to go out and get some poison ivy on my wrists. No idea how, since I was wearing long sleeves.

2012-01-25 Cat Mountain 6x8"

The second one was done today. I walked around a park for a while trying to find something that I wanted to try to paint. I found nothing and was about to give up and go back to work when I looked down the road I was on and found a subject.

2012-01-27 Lakewood Drive 6x8"


  1. very cool! I'm so impressed you guys can pull off this quality in 45 mins :)