Sunday, January 1, 2012


Buckley & Welch Hardware Granger, TX 8x10"

The last 2 paintings I did in 2011 were plein air sketches that I did in Granger and Taylor, Texas.

I stood on a corner in Granger, Tx, and painted this empty hardware store. As I was setting up, a gust of wind knocked the can of thinner off my easel and spilled all but the sludge at the bottom of the can all over the sidewalk. After a few muttered curses, I got to work. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. I probably should have "artistic licensed" a few just to add interest.

Nobody bothered me because this place is practically a ghost town. The only people I saw were going into and out of the Post Office. I probably saw fewer than 10 people the whole time I was there. There are a lot of empty shops on the main street of town, and I'll be back to paint a few more of them. My favorite part of the morning was at noon, when the church bell started ringing.

2011-12-25 old shed in taylor tx 12x9"

On the way home, I passed a trio of sheds right off the main road, with a small dirt driveway to allow access. I pulled in and set up, deciding on this particular shed as my subject. It was a gray building, but the late afternoon sun was starting to turn it golden.

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