Sunday, January 1, 2012


I just sold three of the plein air paintings I have been doing recently to a collector I met on Facebook through Ronnie Williford, an artist friend and co-worker at Powerhouse Animation Studios. My field sketches don't have clever names, just the date and location they were done.

2011-11-23 Lost Creek, 12x9"

2011-11-25 Red Bud Isle, 6x8"

2011-11-25 Lake Austin, 12x9"

I also donated a plein air piece and 2 small still lifes to Artists Against Cancer for a charity auction:
2011-09-18 Old Stable, Round Rock TX, 8x10"

A Cuppa Coffee, 6x8"

I originally called this one "Sad Beer Steins" because the only thing more sad than an empty beer stein is two empty beer steins. However, the people who bought it said they're not sad, they're "Loaded With Potential." I like that. 8x6"


  1. Wrong! I just viewed your blog and I think it's a great start. Wonderful idea about the gps coordinates. Just say GO and you'll never end up at the wrong barn again. Funny thing, though....I was going to comment on a couple of the paintings, but you must be updating. They are gone! Let's was where you were lamenting about the barn being right in mid page. I was going to suggest a tree or at least some foliage in the upper left. Might help. Here's your license.

  2. I appropriated the GPS coordinates idea from Rusty Jones, who used it on his "35 on 35" series of paintings.